Successful people are those who can adapt the quickest (outside-in). After examining this phenomenon you’ll see that successful people are capable of selecting the right environment (inside-out). But if you want to be really successful, you will have to operate from your core / your WHY and with that you can create your own environment (inside-in).

I am a world improver, that is what drives me. Your Legacy is my tool to add business value with integrity to where it is needed. Current leaders can hire me for inspiring sessions and future leaders can join Your Legacy Academy to be successful. Every right decision makes our world a better place, that is why we need integrity so much, the principle of the Green Marbles.

The more organizations or individuals operate from its/their core, the more easy it is to create your own environment. That makes it easier to maintain your level of integrity which will lead to better decision making and therefore improving the world day by day.

Enjoy my website, if you have any questions please contact me at erno@yourlegacy.nl of 06-43572576